Sowing Ideas and Sustainable Solutions

About Us


Enki Engineering and Solutions is a company specialized in engineering solutions with projects in the areas of renewable energy, data communication (optic fiber, radio and satellite), monitoring directed to security and geophysical monitoring directed to areas sensitive to natural disasters and protection of the environment. environment.


It has a technical staff of excellence with decades of international experience working with seismology, infrasonic, energy, data transmission technologies and the implementation of infrastructures dedicated to these purposes. Technical experience with Global Seismographic Network seismographic stations operated by IRIS and USGS, with International Monitoring System (IMS) seismographic and infrasonic stations that support the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBTO) .


Participation in the implementation of the Brazilian seismographic network in the Amazon with real-time data transmission via satellite. Experience with data acquisition equipment and software from manufacturers, Guralp, Nanometrics, Kinemetrics, Geotech, Microbarometers, meteorological sensors, AFAR, Photovoltaic Systems, ISTI and others. Company familiar with diverse and multicultural environments, acclimated to international work including remote locations with difficult access (harsh environment) and under different climatic conditions.


Our Values


Enki Engenharia is formed by an experienced and multidisciplinary team with many years of experience in all areas. All of our employees and subcontractors have significant experience working in diverse and multicultural environments and are familiar with large projects that require close collaboration with international organizations.

We firmly believe that we can make a positive contribution to any organization by providing responsive, courteous and efficient services.




We have a passion for quality and excellence in everything we do. Our goal is to establish a solid relationship with our customers, offering a differentiated and personalized service for the needs of each one.

We encourage a culture of safe work practices and continually seek to improve our techniques and best practices. We are determined to thrive and flourish, as well as to seek inspiration from challenges. Our philosophy is to create value and offer cost-effective solutions.


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In addition to valuing your time, your money and your vision for the project, our company will always put the well-being of the environment among its priorities. It is our commitment to our customers and employees to maintain sustainable development as an essential item in our negotiations.

And our intention as a company is always to promote solutions that are always in line with best practices, aiming at the use of clean energy and environmental monitoring solutions to encourage a greater reduction of environmental impacts on our planet.