Design and deployment of low voltage AC power cable system at IS01 Pilcaniyeu Argentina. Armored cables were buried from the CRF to the elements using a star design with a total of about 6 km of cables.

Supply and installation, at the CRFs of the stations IS01 and IS09/PS07(Brazil and Argentina), integrated AC backup power system composed of a diesel power generator, automatic transfer switch and UPS.


✔ Supply and Installation of a backup power system based on solar panels and battery bank to the IS09 remote elements. The solar panels were installed on the station towers and a security frame installed to prevent burglary and vandalism.


✔ Improvement of the grounding and lightning protection system of the IS09 remote elements and Central Recording Facility.


✔ Installation of grounding and lightning protection system at the IS01 station. As well as the installation of surge protection arrestors.


✔ Electrical service and review of infrasound and seismology assets at the infrasound and seismological stations in the Brasilia National Park IS09/BDFB.


 Construction of tower anti-theft platforms for the National Park Seismological Station.


Circuit Breaker Box Upgrade:


✔ Our team performed an upgrade of the circuit breaker boxes from IS09 H2 station. This enhancement ensures enhanced performance and reliability of the electrical system within the infrasound station IS09.


✔ Underground Cable and Tube Replacement: We executed the replacement of underground cables and tubes, enabling seamless connectivity between the vault and the tower. This meticulous installation guarantees efficient and uninterrupted transmission of electricity throughout the element.


✔ Off-Grid Solar System Implementation: To promote sustainable and independent power generation, we successfully upgraded the "Off Grid" solar system for the BDFB station in the Brasilia National park. Our expert technicians installed solar panel support structures and a secure anti-theft platform on the BDFB station tower, ensuring long-term durability and protection of the solar panels.


✔ Concrete Base Renewal: Recognizing the significance of maintaining structural integrity, we skillfully renewed the concrete base of the vault within the Brasilia National Park. This renewal enhances the robustness and longevity of the infrastructure, safeguarding its critical components.


✔ Infrasound Equipment Services: Our team executed the seamless removal, installation, and setup of all infrasound equipment within the park. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees optimal performance and accuracy in capturing and analyzing infrasonic signals.